Testimonials / Reviews

"I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Optic Neuritis.  My symptoms range anywhere from excruciating nerve pain, vertigo, migraines, numbness and tingling of extremities, and extreme fatigue to joint pain and trouble breathing.  While there isn't much you can do about these symptoms while in a "flare", I have had to seek alternative treatments.  Reiki is among one of the treatments that I have found therapeutic. Danielle's hands are magical and her sessions offer not only deep relaxation and spiritual clarity, but also noticeable relief of many of my symptoms.  Her use of aromatherapy and crystals individualized to my specific needs and healing purposes were effective and you could actually feel her energy without her ever even touching certain areas.  Danielle's studio is a place of tranquility and peace and In addition to studio visits, she also performs distance healing sessions on me 3 times a week as well. I can actually feel the tingling in my head, it's surreal. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking alternative healing and spiritual enlightenment."

- Jacquelyn, Hamilton, NJ

"This was my first reiki experience with Danielle and it was truly amazing.  I wanted to try reiki to help with stress and negative energy that I was facing at work.  Danielle invested the time to fully understand my situation and emotional wellbeing before starting on the energy healing. I felt the energy during the process and continued to feel release and calmness days after my visit.  I literally felt that the weight of the world had been lifted and I felt balanced and at peace.   After the session my sleep patterns improved dramatically and I was finally getting the good rest that my body needed.  Danielle was also great at providing additional advice for wellbeing maintenance to do on my own afterwards.  Danielle is such a wonderful person.  Her talents are incredible.  I intend to book a follow up session in the new year.  I highly recommend Danielle to get into the right vibration to kick start the year."

- Julia, Montclair, NJ

"For many years I have been curious about Reiki healing.  It wasn't until recent, when I was experiencing a feeling of "congestion" and inability to move forward and feeling "stuck" around my thoughts and creativity, that I took the leap and went for a consultation.   I was connected with Danielle through a reliable source and I met with her at her lovely studio space for my 1st session.   I work in a creative field and have experienced many life changes in the last year.  I sat with Danielle and she patiently listened to what I was experiencing.  Based on our conversation she had a plan for what the remainder of our session would be like, step by step, which made me very comfortable.   She used specific crystals for the chakra work needed along with smudging, aroma therapy, and infrared heat.  The session enlightened me greatly on why I was feeling what I was feeling.  I felt so much lighter the next day and over the course of a week I felt my creativity resurface and a feeling of overall calm.  Danielle made some wonderful recommends for me on techniques I can use at home, crystals that would benefit me and research I can do to understand more about Reiki healing.  I highly recommend her for anyone who is interested in embarking on this journey!" 

- Linda, Weehawken, NJ

"My 8 year old son has suffered for many years with anxiety and night terrors. After trying many different forms of therapy and supplements we decided to try reiki. Danielle spends a good amount of time listening to all his worries and fears and he feels safe confiding in her. After a few in-person sessions he began to show drastic improvement. She even gave him coping mechanisms to use at home and crystals to hold when he feels nervous. He asks for the crystals she gave him whenever he feels upset. We bought him some of her distance healing packages that we use at bedtime on particularly rough nights. When he knows he is being sent healing he calmly falls sound asleep and sleeps through the night. Danielle has a warm and compassionate approach which helps our son to be very receptive to her therapy and guidance. This has truly been a blessing for our son!"

- Glen, Kendall Park, NJ

"I had my first Reiki session with Danielle and there was a palpable difference, immediately noticeable, which has helped me to manage stress levels and focus better. I work in the tech industry which is a very demanding and time consuming career. After my first Reiki session I noticed that I immediately felt light a huge weight was lifted… in the days following the session I felt more present and focused than I had been in years! Even friends made comments on how different I seemed. The session was super relaxing! Her feedback on where she felt the blockages was par with what I had been feeling physically and emotionally! She even gave me a tiger’s eye bracelet to help me stay focused in between sessions with her. I highly recommend Danielle for anyone who is struggling with stress, focus, or feeling blocked creatively." 

- Joe, Bayonne

"I'm such a cynic when it comes to alternative medicine, which is why it took me so long to try Reiki. I've always had serious anxiety issues and a habit of biting off way more than I can chew driving myself to unnecessarily high levels of stress. I needed to try something that would help me subdue all the tension I had been feeling so I finally decided to reach out to Danielle, my new Reiki goddess.
You feel the energy the minute you walk into her charming humble abode. The soothing meditation music, the glimmering crystals that lined the fireplaces and the warm feeling of the sun shining through the skylight above helped set the tone for our session. I felt instant relaxation.
After our session, she mentioned feeling something around my throat area which rang a bell since I had been singing a lot more lately. In the past, I had seen doctors about nodules in my vocal cords which I never really did get checked out again and I had been feeling a bit of strain in that area in the last few weeks. She also mentioned my root chakra feeling unstable and unbalanced. This also didn't surprise me since I am currently going through a break-up with someone I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. This would obviously change all of the safety, security and stability in my life currently.
I may be a skeptic when it comes to other forms of alternative medicines, but I now can say that I do believe in the power of Reiki, especially since it has to do with our energies which no one can deny the existence of. She helped me tremendously and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. I am so truly satisfied with my session and cannot wait to see her again. Thank you, D!" 

- Jessica, Jersey City, NJ


"Danielle is a true healer. The second you walk into her apartment, you're immediately put at ease and you know you're in high a safe and energetically cleansed space. She goes above and beyond to make sure that you're getting exactly what you wish to out of the session and doesn't rush the process. The Reiki itself is absolutely amazing - she has a true gift. I always feel lighter, clearer, less anxiety, and in my most recent, more peace. I'm sleeping better, also. She has such a kind heart and always gives extra value by suggesting crystals and essential oils and explaining what each does for each chakra system. HIGHLY recommend for anyone interested in trying Reiki for the first time or a regular."

- Shelby, Hoboken, NJ

"I had an amazing experience with Danielle! I came in feeling completely out of balance for a while and knew it had to do with energy work that needed to be realigned. Danielle was soft spoken, sweet, and an understanding healer. She truly wanted to understand what your issues were to provide the best possible solution. After the reiki healing she performed, I felt a HUGE shift. I felt like my normal self again after being able to remove negative energy that was stored inside. I am so thankful to have crossed paths with Danielle and look forward to seeking future healing work with her."

- Aileen, Paramus, NJ

"Danielle's energy work is amazing. I was guided to her after learning that there may be a blockage in my aura caused by excessive worry. I am usually very picky about who I share my energy with and I felt very comfortable with Danielle practicing reiki on me. There was no awkwardness - our interaction was very organic. Her beautiful space also helped me to feel at peace. After my session with Danielle, I felt extreme positivity and clarity. My muscles were relaxed and my mind was clear. I recommend Danielle to anyone who feels that they need help healing because you'll definitely get it here. The effects are still in effect in my life and I was given practical guidance on how to maintain these effects by Danielle herself. I am looking forward to my next session!"

- Arienne, Bronx, NY

"My first time experience with Reiki and with Danielle was absolutely enlightening and uplifting! From the moment of entering her safe space, I felt the positive vibes in my surroundings immediately. Danielle makes you feel comfortable and allows you to be vulnerable to discuss what you are looking to achieve. She also was a gem and recommended books and crystals for me to personally use on my own afterwards. I felt like so much negative energy had exited me once I had left and become even lighter. It was extremely moving and emotional for me and continued to feel the effects for days. Danielle is an amazing soul and has a wonderful spirit surrounding her. You will feel comfortable and safe with her to achieve your desired levels of vibrations in the universe! I look forward to future sessions with her!"

- Jackie, Edison, NJ

"My experience with Danielle was amazing.  I found Danielle because I wanted energy healing for general well-being and stress management. I didn't quite know what to expect of the session (I'd never had reiki done before). The appointment started with Danielle sitting down with me to understand my history as well as to more deeply explore what I wanted to work on. She described in detail specifically what would occur over the 60 minutes, and I felt totally relaxed and at ease going into the process.
Once the session started, it didn't take long before I was totally relaxed. My 60-minute session flew by as if it had only lasted 10-15 minutes! I could also feel her working and removing blockages, as there was very powerful electricity in the center of my chest. Following the session (and since then), my sleeping habits improved immediately. I found myself waking up (naturally, no alarm) ~5/6am, which would NEVER have happened before.  I also found I needed LESS sleep and slept LIGHTER--still deeply, but that groggy feeling is gone. I highly highly recommend this treatment for anyone looking to manage stress, anxiety or general wellness. I know I'll certainly be back for a tune-up!" 

- Avisha, Jersey City, NJ

"Danielle is a true healer in many senses of the word. Just entering her magical sanctuary put me at ease and the healing began right away before even getting on the table. She has a beautiful sun soaked studio, vibrant plants, and energy crystals everywhere. When I did get on her reiki table, it was incredibly comfortable and she even had a heating pad underneath if I wanted some warmth. Immediately after the session began, I entered the “theta” brain wave state and drifted off into a very peaceful realm. Danielle is highly intuitive and was able to focus her attention on the areas that I most needed work on... my back, my neck and my feet. After the session was over, I didn’t want to leave that table! My back felt amazing and I felt as if I had the most restful night’s sleep. Full disclosure: I own a popular wellness center in Jersey City. I’ve come across many healers and wellness practitioners. Danielle Marie is truly exceptional and I highly recommend you come for a reiki healing!"

- Anand, Jersey City, NJ

"I went to Danielle during a health crisis I was having. It was the first time meeting her. She was SO easy to talk to during a vulnerable time in my life. Her energy is so positive, vibrant, and caring.  
During our session, I felt that she truly cared for me as a person rather than seeing me as just a client. She took the time to understand what I was going through, feeling, and events in my life that may be causing negative energy. I felt streams of energy in certain locations in my body during our session, so I knew there was energy work being done. Afterwards, I felt peace and calmness.
I would highly recommend Danielle as a healer and as an energy coach. She's passionate about reiki and about her clients."

- Joyce, Jersey City, NJ

"Grateful to know Danielle! She is a highly motivated practitioner, who is very intuitive as a healer. Danielle has been on this path for quite some time- and it definitely shows. She has done great inner work and this reflects greatly when she works on her clients. I fell into a deep relaxation during our session, and felt calmer/more at peace and in my body post Reiki. The touch was calming and warm and I was easily able to drift off. I noticed profound shifts after our session and am thankful to Danielle! Highly recommend if you are in the Jersey City area."

- Asha, Hoboken

"Danielle's studio is filled with beautiful smells and colors. She makes sure all your senses are covered even before the session starts. During the session I could feel amazing heat coming from her hands. When she put them on my feet I felt like I am breathing through them. Her intuition led her to the spots of my body with which I have painful problems even though I never mentioned anything in the matter. She infused me with happiness and calmness or maybe she created space for my own positive feelings to thrive. I can not wait to use her powers and advice again."

- Maral, Brooklyn

"I LOVED my Reiki session with Danielle. She is a great listener and truly cares about her clients. Her space is so beautiful and calming. I felt deeply relaxed during and after our session and then lighter and more relaxed the next day. Danielle is knowledgeable about crystals and uses them in her practice along with smudging and aromatherapy which I felt enhanced the overall experience. I highly recommend seeing Danielle if you're considering Reiki!"

- Tori, Jersey City

"I have to say, I was skeptical about what to really expect from reiki.  Having severe anxiety, I opted to give it a shot.  Not knowing anything about reiki, Danielle explained the history, how it has helped her and what to expect during the session.  She was aware of my problems and chose crystals that would be best suited for my issues.  Her "home office" is set up beautifully and provided a very relaxing environment.  The session itself was very comforting.  At the conclusion I wasn't sure I "felt" any different, but within an hour of receiving reiki, I was completely relaxed and at peace.  All my anxiety seemed to melt away and things that would normally set me into a tailspin just rolled off my back.  The level of relaxation afterwards was as if I had a full body massage.  I also have not had a panic attack since the session. I cannot wait for my next session!  Hands down I would strongly recommend reiki with Danielle."

- Erika, Garwood, NJ

"I was experiencing a lot of pain in my chest and general stress. It's been years since I've tried Reiki and usually am not one for non-conventional medicine but I could immediately feel healing energy spreading through my body as she shifted her focus. I would definitely recommend it." 

- Eric, Manhattan, NY

"Reiki has greatly helped me to feel strong. I suffer from complications from Lyme's disease and after my last session, I felt a huge difference; my eye pain had subsided and I was much more collected and clear. Danielle is amazing! She’s so kind and genuine and really connects with you. Cannot recommend her enough!" 

- Amie, Hoboken, NJ

"I couldn't be happier after my Reiki session with Danielle. You can definitely feel the great vibe since you step in her beautiful home and work place.
I'm so happy I found her healing energy. I would definitely recommend her! She is the best!"

-Mariana, Brooklyn, NY

"The session with you was so nice and helpful today, Danielle! Thank you for your energy and guidance. The baby and I appreciate it more than words can express."

- Tatiana, Hoboken, NJ

"When Danielle first started the session so many emotions came up for me, I almost wanted to cry. Then when she was at my feet I felt so many negative feelings leave my body. It's like her hands were pulling years worth of build up anxieties out of my system. It was unreal."

- Rachel, Jersey City, NJ

"Danielle spent a lot of time at my right shoulder, which is crazy because I didn't tell her I had been experiencing pain there for which I had been going to physical therapy for. I was drawn to Reiki for some emotional issues, but she was able to sense, feel and send healing to my physical pain as well."

- Marta Anna, Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much Danielle! I really loved our session! I'm feeling so much lighter like such a weight was lifted off of me. I was also able to get a good night's sleep which I haven't been able to do for such a long time."

- Amanda, Jersey City, NJ